Assistant Professor

Contact information
Tulsa Community College, Northeast Campus
3727 E. Apache St.
Tulsa, OK  74115-3115
Ph: 918.595.7582
Fx: 918.595.7520


Educational Background
B.S. - double major of accounting, and business administration - University of the Ozarks, Clarksville Arkansas

M.B.A. - areas of emphasis in marketing and organizational behavior - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Arkansas

Courses Taught
ACCT 2213 - Financial Accounting
Theory and practice of measuring and recording financial
data for an economic unit: journalizing transactions, adjusting entries for revenue and expense items, inventories, depreciation, internal control with an emphasis on cash, current
and long-term liabilities, and accounting for corporation stock
transactions. Emphasis also will concentrate on the preparation
and use of the income statement, balance sheet and statement
of cash flows.
ACCT 2223 - Managerial Accounting
An introduction to managerial accounting. Analysis of cost
behavior with an emphasis on the accumulation of product
costs and budgeting for planning and performance evaluation. Coverage includes job order costing, process costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, capital budgeting, standard costs, and departmentalization. Lecture 3 hours. No Laboratory. Prerequisites: ACCT 2213 with grade of “C” or better.
Interest Areas/Biographical Sketch
Hello Future Graduates!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Accounting!
With on-campus, telecourse and Internet class instructional experience, I love teaching accounting, economics, marketing, management and supervision. This works out great since accounting ties in to all those other business disciplines and is in fact sometimes called the "language of business."

Travel – to exciting places such as Economist Plaza, Canada’s headquarters of Chartered Accountants, and the home of John Maynard Keynes the great economist.

Movies and Television – "The Lady Vanishes," "Three Came Home," "Charade," "As Time Goes By," "Nature," "Nova" and "One Foot in the Grave"

Music - Seal, Bjork, Tyler McCoy, Frente and too many other musical artists to list here.