Steve StJohn 2010

Assistant Professor


Contact information

Tulsa Community College, Northeast Campus

3727 E. Apache St.

Tulsa, OK  74115-3115

Ph: 918.595.8428

Fx: 918.595.7520


Educational Background
M.S. Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK
B.S. Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK
A.S. Claremore Junior College, Claremore, OK
Additional Study Oklahoma State University, Tulsa Campus

Courses Taught

CSCI 2473 C Language

The C programming language is presented with emphasis on applications as a portable, mid-level language. The student will write several programs utilizing the important features of C such as functions, structures, pointers, recursion and bit operations. Students should have a working knowledge of the operating system in which they will be interacting.
Lecture 2 hrs, Laboratory 2 hrs


CSYS 1203 Introduction to Computer Programming

This course is a required prerequisite for all programming classes and will serve as an introduction to structured programming techniques. Topics to be covered include flowcharting, pseudocode, sequence, selection, iteration, arrays, I/O, principles of problem solving, debugging, documentation and good programming practice. Topics will be applied using an appropriate programming language.
Lecture 2 hrs, Laboratory 2 hrs. Co-requisite: CSCI Computer Concepts and Applications.


CSCI 2683 Data Structures

Advanced programming techniques and concepts using the C programming language. Topics will include algorithm analysis and design, memory management, software engineering concepts and standard data structures including linked lists and binary trees.
Lecture 2 hours Laboratory 2 hours. Prerequisite CSCI 2473 or instructor approval.