You will give six original speeches that demonstrate your developing skills including an introductory speech, a symposium speech with an outline, an informative speech with an outline and a visual aid (3 to 5 minutes), a persuasive speech with an outline (3 to 5 minutes), and an impromptu speech and a specialized speech with an outline. You will be assigned a specific day for your presentation with the exception of the impromptu speech which may be requested at any time after we have discussed the criteria. Each speech is designed to build cumulative skills.

You will also write three constructive critiques for other student’s speeches for each set of speeches. These critiques will be turned in to the instructor at the end of the class and given to the speaker at the beginning of the next class. We will discuss in detail the criteria for effective feedback and your role as a critical listener with respect to providing and accepting feedback.

The first five journal entries are due on the first Monday following each of your first four speeches. Each entry must include a self-evaluation of the speech, a list of self-improvement goals and strategies for reaching those goals in the next speech. A sixth journal entry will be a reflection of your progress for the entire semester. To prepare this reflective self-evaluation, review your videotape at least twice after class. First time through, note all the things you did well. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments. Second time through, note the items that you would like to improve. For the final journal entry, review all of your speeches. Then with notes in hand, refer back to the text or class notes to devise a plan of action to accomplish your improvements.

It is imperative that you read the assigned chapters. The text is the primary resource for constructing, organizing, delivering and critiquing public speeches. Your performance will be directly affected by this information. Some, but not all, information will be discussed in class. Please fee free to ask questions on items not covered either during class or during office hours.

You will bring to class three items. Think carefully about which of your possessions, or other items, help you define yourself and place those three small items in a plastic or paper bag.

The Listening Requirements
Expect your classmates to listen critically to your speeches to provide oral and written evaluations of what you did well and what could be improved. Be prepared to do the same for them. We will practice active listening skills and provide non-verbal and written feedback.

The Writing Requirements: Professional Presentation Portfolio
You will compile a Professional Presentation Portfolio to document your work and measure your progress. Use a three-ring binder with a hard cover and divide your portfolio into sections. For a professional touch, you may wish to create a table of contents. Your portfolio should contain at least the following sections:

• Speaker’s Journals
• Listener’s Critiques (of at least three speakers)
• Presentation Materials
• Key Word Outlines
• Transparencies, Visual Aids, Mind Maps and Handouts if they were used in your presentation
• Peer Evaluation Materials
• Instructor’s Evaluation Forms