Air Traffic Control


According to the FAA website, 17,000 new air traffic controllers will be hired over the next ten years.  The FAA indicates this career is for motivated, decisive, committed and self-confident individuals. 


To assist with this demand, the FAA has selected thirty-one colleges or universities to participate in the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program.  The purpose of the CTI schools is to provide qualified applicants to the FAA Academy in order to fill the need of air traffic control specialist positions. The FAA requires job applicants be under age 31 at time of FAA employment as a controller. It is recommended that the student start the AT-CTI program by the age of 27.


Tulsa Community College is one of the thirty one schools selected by the FAA to provide the training necessary to be considered for the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City.  TCC offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Air Traffic Control.  Upon successful completion of the program students are prepared to apply for entry to the FAA Air Traffic Control Academy.


The FAA requires individuals interested in becoming an Air Traffic Controller to meet the following:

·       Graduate from an FAA approved AT-CTI program

·       Receive an official school recommendation

·       Be a United States citizen

·       Not have reached age 31 at time of FAA employment

·       Pass a FAA Class II medical for Air Traffic Controllers

·       Pass a security investigation

·       Achieve a score of at least 70 on the FAA pre-employment test

·       Speak English clearly enough for others to understand you on communication equipment

·       Complete an interview


This degree option is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Air Traffic Control.  All aviation courses require permission by the aviation counselor and/or ATC Coordinator.