Professional Pilot


This degree option provides flight training and ground classes under FAA Part 141 requirements.  Students enrolling in the college option complete the requirements and practical tests for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private and Commercial/Multi Pilot Certificates with Instrument Rating. 

Prior to enrolling in any flight lab, the flight school will need to have the following current information on file:

·        Proof of U.S. Citizenship

·        TSA Clearance for Permanent Residents

·        FAA Class II Medical


The ground school courses and flight labs, along with the required general education courses, will qualify students to obtain an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students may then transfer to OSU-Tulsa to complete their Bachelor of Science degree in the Professional Pilot and/or Management option.  

Pilots may find employment with regional and major airlines, charter operations, cargo operations, agricultural flying, flight schools, corporate flight departments or with a government agency.