Landscapr CPRTCC’s Horticulture professors and staff are deeply engaged within the community, both within Tulsa and the state. They work with numerous local and state agencies to increase awareness about various issues affecting the environment, from composting to planting trees.

Part of their community involvement includes sharing information about timely horticulture-related topics with the public. In light of the current drought, TCC’s Horticulture faculty recently partnered with several agencies to present a free workshop: Landscape CPR. Horticulture experts presented information on various topics related to the drought, from resuscitating trees to ensuring the survival of the wildlife that depend on them.

To watch excerpts from Landscape CPR, click on one of the following links:

Selecting and Planting Trees

Managing Yard Trees to Promote Wildlife Habitat

Fix Your Dirt

Corrective Pruning

Can Your Plants Recover

Start the New Urban Forest


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