America Reads America Counts (ARAC)




America Reads America Counts (ARAC) is an initiative based on the America Reads Challenge Act of 1997 (Clinton Administration). It provides opportunities for student development through  community outreach  by providing tutoring that become part of a child's learning experience thereby fostering self-esteem, motivation and sound study habits to elementary and middle schools students in the greater Tulsa community. The America Reads challenge was developed in an effort to engage parents, teachers, community groups, college students and business leaders in the process of helping to ensure that all children are reading independently by the end of the 3rd grade. The America Counts program was added shortly afterwards with the intent of improving the mathematical skills of elementary and middle school children.



The purpose of the America Reads America Counts program as a grassroots literacy effort is to collaborate with parents and teachers so that children can read well and independently by the end of the 3rd grade and also gain proficiency in their mathematical skills.  The program serves children in kindergarten through to 8th grade.


Information on program:


What we do

The America Reads America Counts program is administered through Tulsa Community College's Engaged Student Programming office. The office coordinates the recruitment, hiring, placement, training and reporting of time worked for Federal Work - Study eligible students desiring to work as tutors to select Tulsa area community schools. Under this program, tutors work in Title 1 elementary and middle schools in the Tulsa Public school district.  Tutors work with at risk children; these are children who live in low-income areas and are more likely to drop out of high school. The tutors support students with their reading and mathematical skills.


Why we do what we do

Tulsa Community College as an educational institution supplies tutors to Tulsa's public elementary and middle schools in order to play a role in community development which is in line with Tulsa Community College's mission to "better its community through the intellectual achievement, creative energy and responsible citizenship of its students, faculty and staff by their engagement in teaching, learning and service opportunities that transform and enrich lives".



The tutoring is provided to the students in the elementary and middle schools in the Tulsa Public school district. Tutoring is provided typically during normal school hours or in after-school programs.