Mission and Purpose

Tulsa Community College

Medical Laboratory Technician Program


Philosophy, Mission Statement, Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes



The Tulsa Community College MLT program endeavors to train individuals technically and academically to perform laboratory testing competently and to function as professionals on a health team in attitude, ethics and appearance, always keeping patient care as the primary concern.  The curriculum provides preparation in general theory and training in practical skill in those competencies consistent with the profession.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Medical Laboratory Technician Program is to enable individuals to enter the health care community as medical laboratory technicians.

Program Goals & Objectives

The Medical Laboratory Technician Program goals are for students to:

Graduate from the program as an entry-level practitioner

            75% of students will graduate from the program each year

 Pass the ASCP-BOC examination

            90% of graduates will pass the certification examination

 Be productive in employment

            80% of graduates will be employed in a related job w/in 6 months of graduation

Student Leaning Outcomes

1.     Students will be clinical laboratory workers who have a competent knowledge of the principles of the laboratory tests including:  pre-analytical, analytical   and post-analytical aspects.

2.     Students will perform routine clinical laboratory tests with accuracy and precision. 

3.     Students will participate in the delivery of health care to the patient.

4.     Students will exhibit professional attitudes in the laboratory. 

5.     Students will be effective communicators as they serve the needs of the patients, the public and members of the health care team.

6.     Students will apply principles of safety and regulatory compliance in the laboratory.

7.    Students will have articulate and demonstrate the significance of continuing professional development.