Associate Professor, Interior Design  
SEC 4105
(918) 595-7615
Educational Background:  
B Oklahoma University  
Course(s) Taught:  

ID 1313 - Interior Design Orientation
An introductory course into the field of interior design which includes the basic elements and principles of design. The development of creative ability is stressed through space planning projects. An overall view of the profession including professional standards, employment opportunities, interior materials, and an understanding of basic human needs in relation to design. Lecture 3 hours. No Laboratory.
Concurrent enrollment in ID 1343 suggested

INTD 1343 – Design I
This course will introduce interior design students to visual communications for the design profession through technical drafting skills including floor plans, elevations, isometrics and perspectives. Emphasis on the design implications of spatial relationships, scale and function. Lecture 2 hours. Studio/Laboratory 2 hours.
Prerequisite: INTD 1313 or concurrent enrollment.
INTD 1413 History of Interiors
Includes a comprehensive study of architecture and period furnishings from prehistoric through American Art-Deco period. Major political, religious and art movements influencing the interior design profession are included. Lecture 3 hours. No laboratory.
ID 2313 - Professional Practice
This course is a study of professional practices in interior design. Includes: business procedures, professional ethics, contracts, project management and specifications. Lecture 3 hours. No Laboratory.
Prerequisites: ID 1313, ID 1333, and ID 1343. (Online)
ID 2383 - Introduction to Computer Aided Design for Interior Design
This course provides an introduction to the principles and techniques utilized in Computer Aided Design and drafting for two dimensional application. Students will be introduced to concepts of drawing entities and objects, as well as processes to manipulate, edit, or modify drawings. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 2 hours.
Prerequisites: Instructor Approval and ID 1313, ID 1333 and ID 1343.
ID 2413 - Advanced CAD for Interior Design
This course will teach advanced principles and techniques in Computer Aided Design. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 2 hours.
Prerequisites: Instructor approval and ID 2383 and ID 2323.
Concurrent enrollment in ID 2333 suggested
INTD 2333 Design IV
Will apply knowledge and skills to advanced solutions to special problems of commercial and residential interiors, working drawings, specifications, oral presentations. Critical thinking will be stressed. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 2 hours.
Prerequisites: INTD 2323.
(Spring Only)