Information for One Hour self-paced courses


·         Individualized – to ensure that the student gets the maximum benefit from the program, course may be modified to meet each student’s needs.

·         Self-paced – because the Writing Center is open both day & night, the student can work on his/her assigned materials when it is convenient.

(for sixteen-week courses, the average time spent is one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours per week.  The condensed eight-week courses require more time each week)

·         Supervised – for the convenience of the self-paced student, the reading and writing instructors schedule office hours.

·         Inexpensive – besides the cost of the course, there are no books to buy.  The Writing Center houses all the computers, sound/slides, cassette work books, videos and machines the student needs.

After enrolling in a self-paced class, contact the instructor and set an appointment to get started in your class