SEC Writing Skills Workshops

Writing workshops are designed to help students improve skills in areas they may find
challenging. Workshops are short and to the point, focusing on specific topics and techniques for improvement.

Any TCC studentmay sign up as
long as space is available.

There is NO COST to attend.

 Workshops can help change your attitude about writing.

Workshops Available:

THE CLASSIC ESSAY:  Take the mystery out of creating clear, organized essays.  We will review the basic elements of the classic essay: introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

VERBS-WHERE THE ACTION IS:  Passive voice getting you down? Can't decide whether to use "to be" or not "to be"? When your instructor tells you your subject and verb do not agree, did you even know they were in negotiations? Now is your opportunity to learn about consistent tenses without being consistently tense

COMMAS AND OTHER PESKY PUNCTUATION: If commas, dashes, semicolons, and colons are giving you trouble, then you might want to sign up for this workshop. We will help you take the confusion out of comma usage as well as learn simple methods for proofreading.

EDITING AND PROOFREADING FOR REVISION:  Editing and proofreading are parts of the writing process that are often neglected or misunderstood. We will discuss useful proofreading strategies

MLA DOCUMENTATION BASICS:  We will discuss the when, why, and what of documenting source material according to MLA style.

MLA DOCUMENTATION APPLICATIONWe will practice puzzling works cited and in-text citation scenarios. Bring the handbook used in your comp. class.