Scholarship Information

This scholarship waives tuition costs for a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours. Financial Services is notified of the successful applicants and they then credit the student’s account with the number of hours granted in the waiver. If the student has already paid for the upcoming academic period’s classes, then Financial Services will send the student a refund of the paid tuition. This does not cover any fees, parking, or the purchase of any text books or equipment necessary for the student to complete adequate training. If the student is enrolled in more than twelve (12) credit hours, the waiver only covers the first twelve (12) credit hours of tuition. All others are the responsibility of the student.

All high school graduates and currently enrolled students with acceptable academic records and an aptitude for technical theatre, who plan to pursue studies in the Stage Production Technology Program leading either to a Certificate or an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree, are eligible to apply.


All applicants must be legal residents of the State of Oklahoma

1. Entering freshmen must have a current high school GPA of 2.5 or better.
2. Students must have (maintain) a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better to maintain their tuition waiver. Second semester and “Sophomore” students must have a 3.0 GPA or better to be considered.
3. Student must present a portfolio of previous work, or proof of continual support of the Theatre/Stage Production Productions.
4. Student must be available for a minimum 15 minute interview scheduled with the Instructor/Coordinator of Design and Technical Theatre.
5. Once the student is awarded a tuition waiver, the student will be assigned a specific area of work. Those areas are: Scene Shop/Metal Shop, Costume Shop, Lighting, and Sound. Those students receiving a tuition waiver for Stage Management will float in different areas.
6. The student will be expected to work a total of 104 hours over 16 weeks. The student should work 52 hours on each production within those 16 weeks. The hours should be evenly split, 26 hours in the shop and 26 hours working on the show. Understand, you may actually work more than those 52 hours, but that is the minimum requirement.
7. The student must be a declared Stage Production Technology Program Major. First priority will be given to those students who are enrolled in no less than 12 hours, are pursuing an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree. Students with less than 12 hours, pursuing an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree will get second priority. Certificate option students will get last priority.
8. Must make regular and sustained progress toward the completion of a Certificate or Associate of Applied Sciences Degree.
9. Participate in recruitment and outreach activities such as: American College Theatre Festival (participating or hosting), visiting high schools, community theatres, etc.
10. Involvement in the running of all productions (in a leadership role). Work as technicians, board operators, dressers, stage managers, crew heads. Students will be expected to take on responsibilities as assigned by technical theatre faculty or staff. Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in forfeiture of the scholarship (at the discretion of the faculty). If a student is interested in acting in a production, 26 hours of rehearsal/performance can count toward your requirement, but will still need to fulfill shop hour requirements of 26 hours.
11. Scholarship recipients are expected at all times to exhibit professional standards of conduct in all Theatre/Stage Production Tech activities and courses, both on and off campus.
12. Scholarship students should not commit to theatrical endeavors outside the department that would interfere with their involvement with departmental productions in the fall and spring semesters.
13. Students must attend scheduled scholarship meetings. There also will be an exit interview for returning scholarship recipients at the conclusion of the fall and winter semesters. These meetings are mandatory.
14. Should a student forfeit a scholarship for any reason, he/she would have to reapply for a new award.
15. Faculty may withhold or revoke funding should a recipient’s work be less than satisfactory in any of the above areas. Non-compliance with any of these requirements may result in revocation of the tuition waiver.