Science & Mathematics

Science & Mathematics Division Welcomes You! 

Our faculty and staff are committed to your learning and its quality. We hope you will find your classes to be intellectually stimulating, taught by instructors who believe in your ability as a student. We endeavor to provide a variety of experiences that will be the foundation for your learning.

We are very fortunate to have a new facility, designed by our faculty to support a welcoming atmosphere to encourage your learning. The science labs are intended to offer greater access to other students and to your teacher; the Science/Mathematics Learning Lab is a great place to study and receive help from the staff and fellow students.

We want your learning experience to be rewarding. Because learning is challenging, we offer the following tips to make your experience the best:

  • Recognize that you and your teacher are teamed together in your learning process.
  • Face the challenge of learning, always reminding yourself that it is a challenge of which you are capable.
  • Take advantage of all available help: your teacher, the Science/Mathematics Learning Labs, your classroom peers, and any college offerings such as seminars on study skills, note taking, or being an effective learner.

You may contact your teacher or the division office if you have any questions. Feel free to let us know your suggestions or concerns in regards to an even better science and mathematics experience at TCC Southeast Campus. You may reach us at 918-595-7742