Science / Mathematics Learning Lab

Welcome, do you need...

  • a place to study your math or science?
  • someone to help you with a math or science problem?
  • self-paced audio-visual or micro-computer based instruction?

The Science/Mathematics Learning Lab is here to help you build the skills you need to succeed in your mathematics classes.

Tutoring Assistance Available - No Appointment Necessary

Location: SE8150, Science and Mathematics Building, end of first hallway on left. 

Phone: 918-595-7751

Fall/Spring Semester Hours

  • 8am-9pm Monday through Thursday
  • 8am-4pm Friday
  • 9am-12pm Saturday

Summer Semester Hours

  • 8am-9pm Monday through Thursday

Mission Statement

The Science/Mathematics Learning Lab's primary mission is to provide multiple types of science/mathematics instructional and tutoring assistance, additional resources, and materials for students to help ensure a successful educational experience while at TCC.

MANY Great Services

  • Math tutors are on duty in the lab at all times to assist you with your studies.
  • Tutors for science courses are available as posted in the lab.
  • A wide variety of audio-visual tools and microcomputer software programs as well as software tutorials that accompany most of TCC's math textbooks are available to help you practice and master skills.
  • The lab maintains a file of useful information in handout form.
  • Computers are available with access to the internet .
  • Most textbooks and student solutions manuals are available for use in the lab.
  • The lab is a friendly, comfortable place to learn!
  • Calculators are available for daily check out. We require a picture I.D. and car keys.
  • Tutors can assist with calculator use.
  • Many students make the lab a regular part of their study routine by doing their math/ science homework in the lab. It's a great place to get acquainted with your classmates, to form study groups, and ask questions that you may be hesitant to ask in class.