Music Department Forms

Curriculum for Music Majors - A list of the required and recommended classes based on a two-year program. Students should have this form with them when being advised by a Faculty member.  Click to Download Form 

Jury Critique Form - Forms used by the jury to critique performance.  Three copies of the Instrumental or Vocal Jury form plus the music to be performed should be made available to the jury by the student.  Sign-up sheets for juries are posted outside of Room 6168 the week prior to the scheduled jury time and these forms are also made available. 
Click to Download Instrumental Form          

Click to Download Vocal Form  

Performance Attendance Record - This form is used to document student attendance at performances both on and off campus.  The form is turned in to the Division Office, Room 6267, with the performance program attached. Click to Download Form

Recital Permission/Sign Up Form - Recital dates are posted at several locations near Music Department classrooms.  Students should obtain an instructor signature and turn in the form to the Division Office, Room 6267 at least one week in advance. 
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Music Scholarship Application - This form should be filled out for both a Tuition Waiver or a Talentship award.  The form should be given to the appropriate faculty member (band, jazz, vocal, orchestra) for consideration.  Students will be informed by an acceptance letter if successful for a Tuition Waiver.  The letter will specify the conditions of the award and must be signed as accepted by the student and returned as indicated in the letter. Click to Download Form

Performance Calendar - Music event calendar covering the TCC Music Department and other performance groups in Tulsa (Signature Symphony, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Tulsa Ballet, Tulsa Opera, Jazz Hall of Fame, ORU and TU Music Departments).  These concerts may be used for Recital Class attendance.