Booking Procedures

Booking Procedures

  • 1. Facility Rental Request
    When we receive a potential client's call for a rental request, the PACE Production team will review and make a decision for rental based on:
  • Availability
  • Event Feasibility
  • Applicant's Financial Capabilities
  • Applicant's Experience in Production Events
  • Similar Events within Client's requested Time Period

A request does not guarantee approval.  Applicant will be notified of approval or disapproval.  Until the request is approved by the Dean of Performing Arts, applicant is not permitted to begin event promotions or sales contacts.

  • 2. Event Hold
    An applicant may place a date on tentative hold without obligation to PACE. Length of the hold will be determined by the Dean of Performing Arts. Applicant must contact PACE on an agreed date and inform whether they intend on using the facilities or not. Failure to contact PACE regarding use of facility by agreed upon date will nullify the hold.
  • 3. Contract
    Upon mutual agreement, a contract will be drawn up. A copy will be mailed to applicant and must be signed, then returned along with appropriate deposit. An executed copy will be returned to applicant upon signature by the Dean of Performing Arts.
  • 4. Insurance
    A certificate of insurance showing client's General Liability Insurance must be received by PACE at least five days in advance of the occupancy time of contracted dates. This insurance policy must name the client as insured as well as TCC VanTrease PACE as an additional insured for minimum premises bodily injury liability insurance of $1,000,000 per occurrence. This policy must also provide for a ten day notice to TCC prior to cancellation. If the PACE has not received a copy of the certificate of insurance, the Dean of Performing Arts has the option of ordering the needed coverage on behalf of the client and the client will be required to pay TCC for the incurred cost.
  • 5. Payment
    PACE Production is sensitive to client's budgets. To eliminate surprises at your settlement, we will give the best estimate of your event's expenses at the production meeting. If budget is a concern, be sure to ask for expenses associated with various staging, equipment use, services and personnel needed for those. Clients are responsible for costs associated with setting-up of their events as well as the costs while in the space. Set-ups are in house functions, and reflect the needs expressed in the Production meeting. The set-ups occur before the client comes into the space.

In addition to the deposit, you may be required to send the balance of the base building rental prior to the event.  Balance of all expenses including event surcharge, additional building rental, additional labor, tables, chairs, stages, risers and other services will be payable in cash or check on your pre-determined settlement date.

Example of an extra expense would be if the backstage and support areas are left in a mess; the client will be charged a cleaning fee.  If any damages are incurred while client is in the space, the client will be charged to replace or fix damages as deemed by the Dean of Performing Arts.  Remember that any additional services requested or fees incurred after that estimate will be an addition to your bill.