General Information


There are 10 parking spaces in front of the PACE.

House seats involve three sections:

    1) Two wheelchair spaces in rear center raked section.

    2) Wheelchair spaces between raked and orchestra section. Approximately (17).

    3) Six of ten box areas are wheelchair accessible.

Elevator is located North side of the building.

Stage is wheelchair accessible.

Production Room

There is no designated Production Office; however, we have a conference room on second floor that is used for all production meetings.  This room must be scheduled through the Performing Arts Division office (918) 595-7752.

Green Room

The Green Room is located off SR.  It measures 32’7” x 24’ 3”.  The Green Room is equipped with a phone, coffee maker, washer, dryer, couches, love seats and cushioned folding chairs.  Tables upon request.


Kitchen is off SR.  It has a coffee maker, electric stove with oven, microwave, refrigerator, and icemaker, as well as a phone.

Stage Manager’s Console

Located off stage left on proscenium wall.  Two channel communication system.  ETC digital address preset board.  Three channel public address system.  Video monitor available with one month’s notice.

Rehearsal Rooms

We have assorted rooms that may serve as rehearsal rooms, but the must be scheduled in advance-usually at the production meeting.


Paid professional and student crews.  Union crew available, IATSE local 354, Steve Brown is the business agent 918-496-7722.  Every show requires a minimum of 3 PACE stagehands.  These stagehands serve the functions of: 1)  Light board operator; 2)  Sound board operator; 3)  Stage or floor manager.  These stagehands are required whenever a theatre is rented, regardless of any other personnel required by the client.  In the PACE, all equipment operation is done by PACE stagehands.

Emergency Numbers:  ALL EMERGENCIES - 911

Campus Police: 918.595.7762

Taxi Services

 Checker Cab Company:  918.582.6611

 Complete Care (Wheelchair):  918.583.8600

 Executive Cab Company:  918.747.8481

 Regency Limousine:  918.838.1312

 Yellow Cab Company:  918.582.6161


Area Hotels

Hilton Garden Inn                       Fairfield Inn Marriot               Hampton Inn 

8202 S. 100 E. Ave.                    9020 E. 71st St.                     7141 S. 85th E. Ave

Tulsa, OK 74133                         Tulsa, OK 74133                  Tulsa, OK 74133

918.392.2000                              918.252.7754


Holiday Inn Express                     Radisson Hotel                   Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention

9010 E.71                                       10918 E. 41st St.                6808 S. 107th E. Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74133                           Tulsa, OK 74146                 Tulsa, OK   74133

918.274.4100                                 918.627.5000                      918.307.4023



Applebee's Bar & Grill  9409 E. 71st  918.369.8989

Fuddrucker's  10825 E. 71st  918.294.3833

Abuelo's 10909 E. 71st  918.249.1546

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant: 7019 S. Memorial Dr.  918.254.0082

Red Lobster Seafood  6718 S. Memorial Dr.  918.250.5330

Carrabba's Italian Grill  11021 E. 71st  918.254.8888

Silver Flame Steakhouse & Seafood  6100 S. Sheridan  918.496.3311 or 918.664.9224

On the Border  9026 E. 71st St. 918.459.0303

Zio's Italian Kitchen  7111 S. Mingo Rd.  918.250.5999

Texas Roadhouse  11111 E. 71st  918.461.8891



Loading dock South side of Facility; and public parking East and Northeast of facility.


Time Zone

Central Standard Time


Theatrical Suppliers

Tulsa Scenic                                Ford Audio Video                     Fairview AFX

313 S. Kenosha                          5362 S. 129th E. Ave.             4932 S. 83rd E. Ave.

Tulsa, OK                                      Tulsa, OK                                 Tulsa, OK  

918.582.8458                               918.252.9581                          918.664.2910



Ehrle's Party                                  Top Hat Magic                      Cloth World

4430 S. Memorial Dr.                   5555 E. 41st St.                   8508 E. 71st St.

Tulsa, OK                                       Tulsa, OK                              Tulsa, OK

 918.622.5266                                918.663.5550                      918.252.1995



Southern Hills Florist  918.293.0960