Available Equipment Inventory

Mixing Consoles

Allen & Heath GL4000 48 Channel, 48 line inputs, 8 group masters, 10 aux. returns


Fixed Speakers: L/C/R Configuration


Community SLS 920 Side fills (2 each side)

Full range cabinets powered with QSC PLX 3002 Amps each side

1 EAW JF200 for under balcony fill (1 per side)

EAW 928i Subwoofer cabinet (2 each side)

Subs powered with 2 QSC HD4050 amps each side

Drivers: 2 18" Ferrofluid Cooled (total 4 drivers per side)


5 EAW KF300i

EV Sub TL 880D

Soundolier HT 327s front of pit perimeter

Soundolier 164s Speaker above balcony, throughout ceiling


Portable Speakers/Monitors

6 Community XLTE Wedge Monitors 2 way 15"

4 Community XLT46E Full Range Cabinets

8 EAW JF200 E Full Range Cabinets

2 EAW SB250 R Cabinets

4 EAW FR122 E Full Range 2 way 12"

6 Galaxy Hotspot (passive)

1 Galaxy Hotspot (powered)



2 Sony CDP D-11 Single Rack Space CD Player

2 Sony MDS E-12 Single Rack Space Minidisk Player

1 Tascam MD301-MK-II Minidisk Recorder

1 Tascam 302 Dual Cassette Player

1 Tascam Dual DAT Player


Signal Processing

3 Ashley 31 Band Graphic EQ @ FOH for L/C/R EQ


Yamaha SPX990 Digital Effects Processor

Sony DPS V 55 4 Channel Effects Processor

Lexicon MPX-1 Digital Effects Processor

Alesis MidiVerb 4

2 Behringer Composer Processor

Terrasonde Rackmount Audio Toolbox

Behringer Multicom Pro MDX4400 Compressor/Limiter

2 Rane ME 15B Graphic Equalizer (Dual)

2 Sabine FBX 2200 Feedback Suppressors

Fixed System:

Ashley Protea

1 TOA m-900 MK2 preamp

100 1 Ashley CL50E Compressor/Limiter



2 QSC Audio PLX 3002 Amps - 1500w @ 2 ohms BCD (Side Fills)

2 QSC 4050 HD (Subs)

2 QSC EX400 (Fixed System)

8 QSC EX1600 800w @ 2 ohms BCD (Fixed System)

1 OXMOOR MDA-26 Distribution Amp (Fixed System)


Monitor Rack

4 QSC PLX1602 amp 300w @ 8 ohms BCD = 8 channels

4 Ashley MQX-2310 31 Band EQ = 8 channels

4 Behringer Multicom Pro 2 Channel Compressor/Limiter



5 AKG C535

2 AKG D112 Kick Mics

8 Audio Technica AT4050

4 Audio Technica AT4047

12 Audio Technica AT3031

4 Audio Technica AT3032

2 Audio Technica AT3035

4 Audio Technia AT4060

5 Neumann KMS 105 MT

7 PCC 160B Supercardiod Condenser Boundary Mic

5 CM30 F12B Crown Hanging Choir Mic

5 MX 202 Hanging/Floor Mic

14 Shure SM57

12 Shure SM58

16 Shure SM81

4 Shure Beta 98

1 Beta 52 Kick

4 Sennheiser E604 Tom/Snare Mic

6 Sennheiser MD421-II

1 Barcus Berry XL400 Piano Pickup/Mic


Wireless Mics (Frequencies Available Upon Request)



Plenty of all types.



All you need +.

3 8 Channel 100' Whirlwind Sub-Snakes

1 16 Channel 100' Snake

1 24 Channel 100' Snake



400 amp 3 phase company switch (isolated ground) on US side of SR Proscenium wall, with cam-loks, usually used for lighting. 100 amp 3 phase company switch (isolated ground) on US side of SL Proscenium wall usually used for sound.


Control Locations

Enclosed booth located at rear of house.  Main control console and playback located at mid-house crossover aisle.


Hearing Assist System

Listen FM Transmitter and Receivers


Monitor/Paging System

Dressing rooms, green room, stage manager's panel and all support areas are accessible from control booth panel.  Program input is possible into each of these rooms as well.


Production Communications

Clear-Com two channel base with 4 two channel and headsets and 8 one channel headsets.  Station locations areas follows: 4 onstage, 1 in pit, 1 at mid-house, 3 in control booth, 2 in spot booth, 1 in kitchen.