Dressing Rooms

Two chorus dressing rooms. The first at 20'-11" X 11'-0" and the second at 18'-0" X 10'-10". Two star dressing rooms both 12'-0" X 10'-0". All 4 dressing rooms equipped with makeup mirrors, sinks, toilets and showers.  There are 2 more dressing rooms that are included with the Studio Theatre, and 2 additional shower rooms and toilets that can be used for an event on the Main Stage if arrangement are made in advance.

Wardrobe Area

There is a full service costume shop, equipped with sewing machines, dye vat, cutting tables, steamers, etc.  For use, inquire with VTPACE staff.


One set, flat fee for use, located in the Green Room and Costume Shop.

Racks and Hangers

Z-Racks are available in each dressing room. VTPACE does not supply hangers.