Theatre Department

The TCC Theatre Department offers two exciting and vigorating, award winning programs in live theatrical performance and production.  The Theatre Department typically produces 4 shows per academic year with 2 productions in the fall semester and 2 shows in the spring semester.  Every other year a large musical is produced on the Main Stage with a mentoring program implemented.  From the Director and Stage Manager to the Designers and Signature Symphony musicians, students will work side by side with the professionals.   The Theatre Department actively participates in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, where over the past several years, the department has experienced tremendous growth and success from the experiences.  Students have gone on to Oklahoma City University, Tulsa University, Webster University, Columbia University in Chicago, and many others.


Theatre Program-University Parallel   

The suggested curriculum in the Theatre Program includes courses generally completed in the first two years of a four-year curriculum.  Coursework covering acting, stage movement, voice and diction all lead to rehearsal and production of a theatre  production. Students can also take courses that give them broad technical experience and exposure.


Stage Production Technology Program-Workforce Development