International Business

Courses are designed to give students the business skills needed to excel in today’s corporate international operations. Students will develop an increased knowledge and awareness of international business concepts and cultural practices that can be applied to our increasingly global economy.

TCC's China Connection provides experiential opportunities for students to communicate and discuss issues with Chinese students in some business courses.

Individual courses and the Certificate of Achievement degree program are beneficial for students who are:

  • striving for employment with a multi-national organization
  • presently employed in a company with international relations
  • preparing for travel abroad to conduct business

The program allows students the option of developing a competency in a foreign language of their choice or selecting elective business support courses that are related to the student's occupational goal.

TCC's China Connections
TCC is developing a sister college relationship with Jilin Normal University in Siping, Jilin Province, Peoples Republic of China.  Opportunities for students to develop relationships with Chinese students and faculty through TCC classes and through scholarships offered by Jilin Normal University are in process.  TCC also participates in the Troika program that provides an opportunity to travel to China for two weeks in May to learn about China's culture, economy, and business structure.

TCC classes with a China Connection
For China Connection Information Contact:

Sister College, TCC’s China Campus, and Scholarship
Doug Price

Troika Program
Tony O’Conner

TCC’s China Connection
TCC classes with a China Connection

BUSN 2053 Intercultural Communication
SPCH 2053 Intercultural Communication
BUSN 1053 Introduction to Ethics: Business Issues
PHIL 1143 Introduction to Ethics: Business Issues