Instructions for Accessing Tutorial Services

Instructions for Self-Enrolling in the West Campus Math/Science Center or Reading/Writing Center Blackboard Sites for Tutorial Information and Assistance

1. Access Blackboard directly at, or click on the TCC Blackboard button on the home page of the Tulsa Community College Website.

2. At the following screen select Log-in.

3. If you are a currently enrolled TCC student please log in using your Student ID as your USERNAME and 6 digit PIN (usually your 6 digit birthday) as your PASSWORD. If you are not a TCC student you can still gain guest access by selecting the Preview button.

4. When your Welcome screen comes up select the Community tab along the top of the page.

5. Select Departmental Services.

6. Select West Campus.

7. Click on the Enroll button to the far right of Math Lab or the Writing Center, to self enroll in the class. You may also choose the Preview button to simply view the course (if you signed in as a guest you will have to choose Preview); however, if you choose this option the Math Center site will not appear when you open your Blackboard account next time. so if you an already enrolled in classes you should select Enroll. If you click Preview it will take you directly into the site. If you are enrolling, continue on to step 8.

8. Click on the submit button after reading the description of the site.

9. You should receive a screen that says you have enrolled successfully in the site. Click OK.

10. The Math and Science Center, or the Reading and Writing Center Site should come up for you to explore.

11. Please click on the Information button first to read all the policies and procedures of the West Campus Centers. Anyone visiting the Centers is expected to be familiar with all the policies and procedures. This site is continually improving and growing so visit often.