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 Pierce H. Norton II 2015 TCC Foundation Chair and President, CEO One Gas, Inc.It is heartbreaking to see students who have such great potential drop out of TCC because they lack the finances or the guidance they need. We want to do everything we can to remove those barriers.”

Pierce H. Norton II
2015 TCC Foundation Chair and
President, CEO One Gas, Inc.


At its heart, TCC’s Campaign for Completion is not about raising funds, it’s about removing barriers.

When our students are unable to overcome the barriers to completion, multiple opportunities are lost. Students and their families lose the opportunity for a better life. The community loses the opportunity to benefit from a well-educated citizenry. Prospective employers lose the opportunity to access a workforce prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. Taxpayers lose the opportunity to accelerate our region’s economic development. TCC< loses the opportunity to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision of high rates of student success.

Conversely, when we remove those barriers, the opportunities multiply … for our students, our community, our companies, and our college.

What barriers do we need to remove? From national studies, from our own institutional research, and from focus groups with TCC students, we know that the three most serious barriers to completion are:


What will it take to remove those barriers? We have designed a concerted, systematic program to clear the pathway to completion, a program that depends on active engagement of faculty and staff across the college as well as philanthropic support from friends and benefactors across the region.

We are calling on individuals, foundations, and corporations to invest $20 million in our Campaign for Completion. We are confident that the investment will pay huge dividends through the multiplicity of opportunities it will unleash.



TCC’s student success rate was 35%
percent in 2016 and its strategic plan calls for 50
percent by 2020.



Help remove the primary barriers to student completion
by securing targeted philanthropic investments.



Removing the Financial Barriers


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