Online Course Evaluations

Tulsa Community College is transitioning to an online course evaluation process using the SmartEvals software system.

The year-long pilot of the SmartEvals tool began in summer 2013 and will conclude at the end of the spring 2014 semester. When fully implemented, the online evaluation system will allow every on-campus and online course at TCC to be surveyed, no matter the start date, length or mode of delivery.

The College has elected to transition to the online evaluation model for a number of reasons, including:

(1)    Virtually all colleges and universities in the nation use online course evaluations.

(2)    Online evaluations are much less costly than paper evaluations

(3)    Online evaluations are much more flexible and require no use of class time.

Students can log in to the system and complete course evaluations on a variety of mobile devices as well as traditional computers – wherever Internet connection is available – and at their convenience.

Student responses will remain anonymous in the online system. This valuable feedback is used by faculty members to improve courses and enhance the teaching and learning environment. Results will not be available to faculty members until after final grades have been posted.

For more information, visit our Online Course Evaluation FAQs .

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