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Course Books

  • Student should purchase course books at the campus they will be attending or at
  • Internet course books may be purchased at or at the Northeast Campus Store.
  • Community Campus course books may be purchased at or at the sponsoring Campus Store.

Campus Store Refund Policy
Campus Stores may grant course book refunds to students with a current semester TCC sales receipt and who meet the following criteria:

Course Book Refund Deadlines

  • The end of the first week of an 8 or 16 week term.
  • The end of the second week of the 16 week term to students who have dropped the class.
  • Until the first class meeting of a class lasting less than 8 weeks.
  • Course books purchased after these deadlines must be returned within 24 hours for a refund.

Merchandise Condition for Refund

  • Merchandise must be in resalable condition.
  • A (100%) refund may be granted on a new course book that is clean, complete, with shrink wrap unopened or eBooks that have not been activated.
  • If a new course book has been marked in or is not in new condition, it may be refunded at (50%) of the new course book price.
  • Used books in resalable condition may be refunded at (100%) of the price paid at the time of purchase.
  • Non-refundable items include: electronics, computers, computer software, opened computer supplies, and clearance items.

Campus Stores Course Books Buyback Information
Buyback is presented as a a service to the TCC student. It is an opportunity afforded to the student to reap some benefit from those course books no longer wanted or needed. Buyback dates and times my be found at A photo I.D. is required.