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Student Financial Responsibility
Tulsa Community College corresponds electronically with students using their TCC webmail address. I understand that I am responsible for regularly reading important information sent to my TCC webmail account and for taking action on any important correspondence sent to this address and adequate email space is available to ensure that correspondence is received.

  • I understand that enrollment at Tulsa Community College constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay tuition and fees for classes in which I am enrolled. I further understand my financial obligations are due by the College set due date each semester.
  • I understand that I will receive an email notification when my billing statement is available to view online.
  • I understand that my account information can only be released to me. It is my responsibility to notify my parents/legal guardian of my account balance.
  • I understand that in the event I have a return check on my account I will be charged a $25 return check fee. I understand that I am responsible for all dishonored payments which have been presented on my behalf.
  • I understand financial aid funds only pay tuition/fees and bookstore charges.
  • I understand that once all my financial aid is applied to my bursar account, I am responsible to pay any new or unpaid charges I incur prior to end of the semester.
  • If my federal or institutional financial aid is either not received by Tulsa Community College or I lose my eligibility to retain financial aid for the semester, I assume responsibility for paying all student obligations.
  • I understand that if I enroll prior to the enrollment hold being placed on my account, my enrollment is subject to cancellation if my balance is not paid to current. I also understand that if I am participating in the Payment Option Plan and my payments are not current, my enrollment is also subject to cancellation.
  • I understand failure to pay my account prior to the 15th of the month will result in my account assessed a 1.5% monthly (19.56 APY) finance charge on any past due balance. In addition on the last day of the semester if I still have a past due balance, I will be assessed a $50 late fee.
  • It is my responsibility to know the College’s drop and withdraw policy including deadlines. It is also my responsibility to drop or withdraw myself from my classes. My failure to drop or withdraw in a timely manner does NOT relieve me from my financial responsibility to the College for tuition and fees.
  • I also understand that if I enroll in classes and I do not attend these classes, I am still held responsible to pay the required tuition and fees if I fail to withdraw by the designated dates.
  • I understand that if I drop, withdraw, graduate, or do not return to the College, it is my responsibility to update my address, phone number, and email address.
  • I understand that if I have a student Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan that I am responsible for completing the required exit counseling upon leaving the College.
  • I understand that if I have a College outstanding balance, holds are placed on my account and I will not be able to enroll in future semesters nor receive an academic transcript or diploma.
  • I consent to being contacted on my cell phone if provided to the College as a source of contact.
  • I understand if I leave the College with an unpaid balance and do not make satisfactory payment arrangements, my account will be placed with an external collection agency. I will be assessed collection costs (up to 33% of the original debt), legal costs and attorney fees. This will result in endangering my credit rating on a local and/or national level by being reported to all three credit bureau’s (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian). The College will also exercise the right to request an Oklahoma State Tax refund hold to offset the outstanding debt.

Student Account Payment Policy
It is the policy of Tulsa Community College that students must make college approved payment arrangements after enrolling for classes or they will be dropped for non-payment on a certain date. One of the following options must be chosen to prevent dropped for non-payment:

Option 1: Pay In Full or Payment Plan

  • Students can sign-up online to pay in full or pay cash in person at any Campus Bursar Office. There is no administrative fee if the student is paying in full.
  • Students can go online and choose a payment plan. There is a $35 non-refundable service fee for students who select a payment plan.

Payment Plans
These plans are detailed on the website and vary with each term. Students can also pick up information regarding payment plans in any bursar office.

A $35 non-refundable setup fee is required at the time of enrollment in the Tuition Option Plan (TOP). This payment will automatically be debited from your payment method at the time of enrollment in the Tuition Option Plan.

When students make a scheduled adjustment or if charges and/or payments are applied to a student’s account, the student’s TOP installment amounts will change.

Students using a credit card as the payment method for TOP should be aware of the card’s expiration date. It is the student’s responsibility to update this information, if applicable. If this is not done, it could result in a late fee assessed to the student’s account.

Option 2: Financial Aid

  • Students who have met priority financial aid deadlines by turning in all requested documents and are qualified to receive financial aid will not have their enrollments dropped for non-payment.

FA Priority Deadlines
June 1: Fall Term 
November 1: Spring Term
April 1: Summer Term

Option 3: Third Party Payments

  • Students can use third party method of payment under the conditions that the college can verify the payment source or that the student can provide acceptable documentation of the payment source.

TCC Verified 3rd Party Payments 
General Tuition Waiver 
Tulsa Achieves Program 
Oklahoma’s Promise/OHLAP
Grants (Tribal, Veterans, Voc Rehab)*
ACE Waiver (Concurrent Senior Citizen Waiver)

Student Verified 3rd Party Payments
Employee Reimbursement

*Student must present evidence of scholarship, etc., to the bursar office in order to use this option prior to enrollment.
There will be a 1.5 percent monthly service charge (50 cent minimum) assessed to the student’s account on the 15th of each month for any unpaid balance based upon enrollment for those not in payment plan. Service charges will continue to be assessed to the student’s account at the end of the term if all current charges are not paid in full.