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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description:
This program is designed to develop the marketable skills necessary to function in a variety of positions in the field of accounting. The program provides upgraded training for those people already employed in the area of accounting who desire advancement. There are four certificate options available, varying from 21-30 credit hours of which 12-21 are in accounting.

Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement
Common Course Requirements Credit Hours: 15

Accounting 6 hours
*ACCT 2213 Financial Accounting
*ACCT 2223 Managerial Accounting

Computer Information Systems 9 hours
CSCI 1203 Computer Concepts and Applications
*CSCI 2033 Excel
*CSYS 2073 MS Office

Select one of the following four (4) certificate options:
1) Accounting Specialist
2) Accounting Software Application Specialist
3) Income Tax Specialist
4) Payroll Administration Specialist

1) Accounting Specialist Option: 15 hours
*ACCT 2233 Financial Accounting Applications
*ACCT 2313 Intermediate Accounting I
*ACCT  2333 Cost Accounting
*ACCT 2363 Income Tax I
*ACCT 2523 Accounting Software Applications

2) Accounting Software Application Specialist Option: 15 hours
*ACCT 2433 Computerized Business IncomeTaxes
*ACCT 2243 Payroll Administration
*ACCT 2253 Peachtree
*ACCT 2263 QuickBooks Pro Comprehensive
*ACCT 2523 Accounting Software Applications

3) IncomeTax Specialist Option: 9 hours
*ACCT 2363 IncomeTax I
*ACCT 2403 IncomeTax II
*ACCT 2433 Computerized Business Income Taxes

4) Payroll Administration Specialist Option: 6 hours
*ACCT 2243 Payroll Administration
*ACCT 2523 Accounting Software Applications

Total Credit Hours: 21-30
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).

General education requirements can be found at: