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University Transfer Degree

This option is designed to educate future managers for the aviation industry. The curriculum stresses scientific principles, the human side of management, computer knowledge, critical thinking, cognitive and analytical skills, and communication skills, in addition to mathematics, science and technology. Upon successful completion the student will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree.

Students should consult with the Tulsa Community College aviation counselor at the Riverside Campus before enrolling in this option.

Degree Awarded: Associate in Applied Science
General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 41

Economics 3 hours
*ECON 2023 Principles of Microeconomics

English 6 hours
*ENGL 1113 Composition I
*ENGL 1213 Composition II

Geography 3 hours
GEOG 1043 Introduction to Cultural Geography

Humanities 3 hours
Select one course from the following:
HUMN 2113 Humanities I
HUMN 2223 Humanities II
PHIL 1113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1143 Introduction to Business Ethics: Business Issues

Mathematics 6 hours
*MATH 1513 College Algebra
*MATH 2193 Elementary Statistics

Psychology 3 hours
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology

Sciences 8 hours
Select two courses from the following:
ASTR 1104 General Astronomy
BIOL 1114 General Biology for Non-Majors
*CHEM 1114 Principles of Chemistry
*PHYS 1114 General Physics I

Social Science 6 hours
POLS 1113 American Federal Government
and select one course from the following:
HIST 1483 U.S. History 1492 to Civil War Era
HIST 1493 U.S. History Civil War Era to Present

Speech 3 hours
SPCH 1113 Speech Communication I

Specialized Course Requirements Credit Hours: 21

Accounting 6 hours
*ACCT 2213 Financial Accounting
*ACCT 2223 Managerial Accounting

Aviation Sciences Technology 6 hours
AVST 1113 Private Pilot Ground School
AVST 2113 History of Aviation

Computer Information Systems 3 hours
CSCI 1203 Computer Concepts and Applications

Economics 3 hours
ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics

Management 3 hours
MGMT 1353 Management Essentials

Total Credit Hours: 62
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).

General education requirements can be found at: www.tulsacc.edu/gened.