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Workforce Development Degree

Program Description:
This program option provides training in the application of tower and terminal radar approach control procedures. The training curriculum is provided through use of Adacel’s high-fidelity control tower and radar approach simulation incorporating state-of-the-art training to meet the changing needs of the air traffic control industry. Tulsa Community College’s approved ATC-CTI program is designed to prepare the student with the necessary training and skills in order to gain admittance into the FAA Academy. Most Air Traffic Control courses are offered during the daytime hours.

Students must make a minimum grade of a “C” or better within the specialized course requirements prior to being awarded permission in the next sequential specialized course. However, graduating students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher within the specialized courses as well as having graduated from TCC with their earned degree in ATC in order to be recommended to the FAA Academy. Completion of this program does not guarantee admission to the FAA Academy. Admission to Tulsa Community College does not guarantee admittance into the Air Traffic Control Program.

Procedures for enrolling in Aviation Courses:
1. All prospective air traffic control students must meet with the TCC aviation counselor at the Riverside Campus located at 801 East 91st Street.

2. Potential air traffic control students must provide the following documents to the aviation counselor:

a. Proof of U.S. citizenship in form of:

i. An original birth certificate with raised seal documenting birth in the United States or one of its territories.
ii. A valid, unexpired United States passport.
iii. An original U.S. Naturalization Certificate with raised seal, Form N-550 or Form N-570.
iv. An original certification of birth abroad, Form FS-545 or Form DS-1350, or
v. An original Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, Form N-560 or Form N-561.

b. Valid Class II FAA Medical with audiogram.

Degree Awarded: Associate in Applied Science
General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 18

English 6 hours
*ENGL 1113 Composition I
and select one course from the following:
*ENGL 1213 Composition II
*ENGL 2333 Technical/Professional Writing

Mathematics 3 hours
*MATH 1513 College Algebra

Social Science 6 hours
POLS 1113 American Federal Government
and select one course from the following:
HIST 1483 U.S. History 1492 to Civil War Era
HIST 1493 U.S. History Civil War Era to Present

Psychology/Speech 3 hours
select one course from the following:
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology
SPCH 1113 Speech Communication I

Specialized Course Requirements Credit Hours: 42

Aviation Sciences Technology 42 hours
AVST 1113 Private Pilot Ground School
*AVST 1232 Air Traffic Control Flight Training Lab
*AVST 1343 Introduction to Air Traffic Control
*AVST 1354 Air Traffic Control Tower Operations I
*AVST 1364 Air Traffic Control Radar Operations I
AVST 2113 History of Aviation
AVST 2213 Instrument Pilot Ground School
*AVST 2226 Air Traffic Control Tower Operations II
*AVST 2246 Air Traffic Control Tower Operations III
*AVST 2253 Air Traffic Control Meteorology
*AVST 2262 Air Traffic Control Enroute and Non-Radar
*AVST 2273 Air Traffic Control Career Prep

Total Credit Hours: 60
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).

General education requirements can be found at: www.tulsacc.edu/gened.