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University Transfer Degree

Degree Awarded: Associate in Arts

General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 35

Communication 9 hours
*ENGL 1113 Composition I
*ENGL 1213 Composition II
SPCH 1113 Speech Communication I

Humanities 6 hours
See the General Education Requirements for course list.

Mathematics 3 hours
See the General Education Requirements to select 3 hours of Mathematics.

Psychology 3 hours
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology

Science 8 hours
BIOL 1114 General Biology for Non-Majors
*PHSC 1114 General Physical Science
(Courses in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology may be substituted. One of the courses must have a lab.)

Social Science 6 hours
POLS 1113 American Federal Government
and select one course from the following:
HIST 1483 U.S. History 1492 to Civil War Era
HIST 1493 U.S. History Civil War Era to Present

Specialized Course Requirements Credit Hours: 25
Child Development 2 hours
ºCHLD 2042 Early Field Experience in Teaching - Elementary
ºCHLD 2052 Early Field Experience in Teaching - Secondary

Recommended Electives 23 hours
The courses below are recommended. Students should consult the specific college/university to which they plan to transfer when selecting courses. At least 12 hours must come from courses designated as Liberal Arts & Sciences courses.

ART 1113 Art Appreciation
BIOL 1383 Nutrition
*CHEM 1114 Principles of Chemistry
*CHEM 1315 General Chemistry I
CSCI 1203 Computer Concepts and Applications
ENGL 1123 Writing for the OGET
*ENGL 2383 Advanced Composition
*ENGL 2413 Introduction to Literature
*ENGL 2683 World Literature II
GEOG 1043 Introduction to Cultural Geography
GEOG 2033 World Regional Geography
HIST 1033 History of Oklahoma
HIST 1053 Ancient and Medieval Western Civilization
*MATH 1473 Mathematics for Critical Thinking
*MATH 1483 Mathematical Functions and Their Uses
*MATH 1513 College Algebra
*MATH 2553 Geometry and Measurement
PHED 2212 First Aid
PHED 2603 Total Wellness
PHYS 1014 Conceptual Physics
PHYS 1114 General Physics I
*PSYC 2023 Developmental Psychology
SOCI 1113 Introduction to Sociology
**3-6 credit hours from one Foreign Language.
3 credit hours from any ENGL, SPCH, GEOG, HIST, SOCI, POLS, PSYC, or ECON course.

Total Credit Hours: 60
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).
**Check catalog for advanced standing credit. Language proficiency at the novice high level required. Call (918) 595-7851 for proficiency certification.
Note: Foreign Language is necessary and the number of hours will vary depending on the transfer university requirements.
º Background investigation required.
Physical education activity courses do not count toward the associate degree requirements in this curriculum.
To receive an A.A. or A.S. Degree, students must demonstrate computer proficiency.

General education requirements can be found at: www.tulsacc.edu/gened.