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University Transfer Degree

University Transfer Degree Information:
This degree program is designed for students planning to transfer to baccalaureate colleges and universities. Transfer credit varies among
colleges. Students should consult both the catalog of the specific college/university to which they plan to transfer and the signed transfer
agreement or the current transfer planning guide posted at www.tulsacc.edu/transfer to select courses that will meet requirements for both 
the associate and baccalaureate degree programs.


Degree Awarded: Associate in Arts


For More Information Contact:
Communication Services Division
Metro: (918) 595-7064 • Northeast: (918) 595-7494


General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 37
See the General Education Requirements for complete list.


Specialized Course Requirements Credit Hours: 23-24


English 15 hours
*ENGL 2413 Introduction to Literature
*ENGL 2543 British Literature I
*ENGL 2653 British Literature II
*ENGL 2773 American Literature I
*ENGL 2883 American Literature II


Recommended Electives 8-9 hours
ART 1053 Art History Survey I
ART 1063 Art History Survey II
ART 1113 Art Appreciation

ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics

*ENGL 2333 Technical/Professional Writing
*ENGL 2343 Business Communication I
FREN 1103 French I
*FREN 1213 French II
*FREN 1313 French III
*FREN 1413 French IV
HIST 1033 History of Oklahoma
HIST 1053 Ancient and Medieval Western Civilization
HIST 1063 Modern Western Civilization
HIST 1083 Survey of English History to 1688
HIST 1093 Survey of English History 1688-Present
HIST 1483 U.S. History 1492 to Civil War Era
HIST 1493 U.S. History Civil War Era to Present
HUMN 2113 Humanities I

JRMC 1013 Introduction to Mass Communications
*JRMC 1123 News Writing and Reporting
MUSC 1113 Music Appreciation
PHIL 1113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2113 Logic
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology
SOCI 1113 Introduction to Sociology
SPAN 1103 Spanish I
*SPAN 1213 Spanish II
THEA 1093 Introduction to Theatre


Total Credit Hours: 60-61
*Course has prerequisite. (See course description section of catalog).
To receive an A.A. or A.S. degree, students must demonstrate computer proficiency.
Physical education activity courses do not count toward the associate degree requirements in this curriculum.


General education requirements can be found at: www.tulsacc.edu/gened.