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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description
The Information Technology program at Tulsa Community College provides students with the skills needed to work in today’s rapidly changing Information Technology environment. Students may earn a Certificate in any of the seven (7) options listed below. These certificates range from 27 to 39 hours. Many of the courses help prepare students to take industry certification examinations. After earning a Certificate, students can earn an Associate in Applied Science degree by taking additional classes.


1) Business Application Specialist
2) Mobile Computing Development
3) Networking and Cloud Computing
4) Programming
5) Systems Support Technician
6) Web Development
7) Website Management


Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement


For More Information Contact:

Business and Information Technology Divisions:

Metro: (918) 595-7039,

Southeast: (918) 595-7639,

West: (918) 595-8033

Business, Information, and Engineering Technologies Division:

Northeast: (918) 595-7439


Computer Information Systems 12 hours

(required for all options)

CSCI 1203 Computer Concepts and Applications

*CSCI 1263 Network Fundamentals


*CSYS 1203 Introduction to Computer Programming


1) Business Application Specialist Option 15 hours
The Business Application Specialist Certificate is designed to prepare business professionals and information workers with the diversity of computer technology and applications software skills required to work in a collaborative environment to effectively complete business tasks using multiple applications effectively and to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Exam (MCAS).

*CSCI 2013 Word

*CSCI 2033 Excel

*CSCI 2043 Access

*CSCI 2163 Windows Operating Systems

*CSCI 2483 PowerPoint/Multimedia


2) Mobile Computing Development Option 18 hours
This program is designed to complement the Wavebreak technology program. Students learn critical mobile computing development skills related to future careers as mobile application developers.
*CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java
*CSCI 2473 C Language
*CSYS 1793 Mobile Development - iPhone
*CSYS 2623 Mobile Development – Advanced iPhone
*CSYS 2793 Mobile Development - Android
*CSYS 2843 Mobile Development - Capstone


3) Networking & Cloud Computing Option 21 hours
This program is designed to provide skills needed to work in the environment of today’s IT networking and cloud computing infrastructure. After earning this certificate, students can acquire an Associate in Applied Science degree in Networking and Cloud Computing by taking additional classes. Many of these courses help prepare students to take industry certification exams.
*CSYS 2063 Windows Server Administration
*CSYS 2493 Principles of Information Assurance
*CSYS 2563 Enterprise Security
*ITCV 1033 Introduction to Voice & Data Networking
*ITCV 2023 Wireless Networking
*ITCV 2033 Cisco/CCENT/ICND1
*ITCV 2293 Cloud Computing


4) Programming Option 27 hours
The Programming certificate is designed to provide graduates 
with the logic and programming skills needed to design and 
create computer programs in a wide range of programming
 languages that satisfy the needs of business and industry.
*CSCI 2133 Introduction to JAVA
CSCI 2283 Visual Basic
*CSCI 2473 C Language
*CSCI 2843 C++ Programming Language
*CSCI 2893 Advanced Visual Basic
*CSYS 2413 Advanced JAVA
*CSYS 2643 Database Design and SQL
and select one course from the following:
*CSCI 1483 Introduction to UNIX (Linux)
*CSCI 2163 Windows Operating Systems


Controlled Electives 3 hours
*CSCI 2683 Data Structures
*CSCI 2983 Information Technology Internship
*CSYS 2463 PHP Programming
*CSYS 2533 Java Server Pages (JSP)


5) Systems Support Technician Option 18 hours
This program is designed for students who wish to acquire 
knowledge and skills needed to trouble shoot and implement
 a course of action necessary to solve customer hardware,
 software, and networking problems. Entry competencies 
include basic knowledge of PCs and familiarity with the
 Windows operating system. On completion of coursework,
 students may sit for certification exams from CompTIA and 
*CSCI 1273 Customer Support
*CSCI 1483 Introduction to UNIX (Linux)
*CSCI 2143 A+ IT Technician
*CSYS 2023 A+ Essentials
*CSYS 2063 Windows Server Administration
*CSYS 2493 Principles of Information Assurance


6) Web Development Option 24 hours
This program is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge required to assume the role of a Web developer.
 Completion of this program will allow a student to create
 interactive website front ends using (X)HTML, JavaScript,
 and CSS and the student will be able to code server side
 components for delivering content to database driven
 websites and Web applications.
*CSCI 2163 Windows Operating Systems
CSCI 2283 Visual Basic
*CSYS 2033 Scripting
*CSYS 2463 PHP Programming
*CSYS 2643 Database Design and SQL
*CSYS 2853 Ruby
*CSYS 2863 Rails 1
Students who complete those courses with a “+” above, along
 with CSYS 2873 Rails II, may apply for a Web Development Level 
I certification of completion from the Business and Information
 Technology division.


7) Website Management Option 15 hours
The Website Management Certificate is designed to provide 
graduates with the skills needed to develop and promote a 
business through effective informational and e-business websites.


Information Systems 15 hours
*CSCI 1483 Introduction to Unix (Linux)
*CSYS 1063 Digital Image Editing
*CSYS 1393/MKTG 1393 Web Design and Marketing
*CSYS 1443/MKTG 1443 Electronic Commerce
*CSYS 2033 Scripting


Total Credit Hours: 27-39 hours
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).


General education requirements can be found at: