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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description:

This program provides an in-depth study of the spoken and written language and prepares students to use the Spanish language as a career skill.
 The courses are designed to emphasize acquisition of competency sufficient to communicate orally and in writing with a native speaker of the target 
language on a professional or work-related basis. TCC instructional methods infuse technology into the learning process, which increases access to 
resources for the language. Graduates find a variety of positions with government or social organizations and firms involved with speakers of the 
target language (translating, interpreting, investments, accounting, banking, education, publishing, manufacturing, sales, service, and travel). Courses 
may also be transferred to an Associate of Arts Degree.


Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement


Spanish 18 hours
SPAN 1103 Spanish I
*SPAN 1213 Spanish II
*SPAN 1313 Spanish III
*SPAN 1413 Spanish IV
*SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish I
*SPAN 2213 Intermediate Spanish II
*SPAN 2523 Intermediate Spanish Grammar and Composition


Controlled Electives 7 hours
*SPAN 1001 Spanish for Communication I
SPAN 1031 Spanish Pronunciation
SPAN 1061 Spanish for Biblical Study
*SPAN 1201 Spanish for Communication II
*SPAN 1301 Spanish for Communication III
*SPAN 1401 Spanish for Communication IV
SPAN 2033 Spanish Literature in Translation
SPAN 2041 Spanish - Introduction to the Arts
SPAN 2071 Spanish-Mexican History and Geography Introduction
*SPAN 2121 Intermediate Spanish Communication
*SPAN 2143 Latin American Civilization and Culture
*SPAN 2263 Intermediate Spanish Literature
*SPAN 2320 International Work and/or Study Seminar
*SPAN 2330 Spanish International Seminar and/or Field Studies
*SPAN 2413 Translating Spanish to English
SPAN 2421 Spanish Culture Comparisons
*SPAN 2443 Interpreting Spanish to English
*SPAN 2453 Interpreting English to Spanish
*SPAN 2523 Intermediate Spanish Grammar and Composition
*SPAN 2533 Advanced Spanish Conversation
*SPAN 2543 Translating English to Spanish

NOTE: One alternate language, 1-3 credit hours, may be
 substituted if necessary to complete the required total credit 
hours for Controlled Electives. Select from Arabic, Chinese, 
French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin,
 Portuguese, or Russian.

Total Credit Hours: 25
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).


General education requirements can be found at: