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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description:

This program provides an introduction to interpreting skills for the courtroom or medical areas. Courses are designed to emphasize acquisition 
of speaking competency sufficient to communicate fluently (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) and to provide communication 
assistance between non-Spanish speaking medical personnel and non-English speaking patients with legal or medical groups


Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement


Spanish 18 hours
*SPAN 1313 Spanish lll
*SPAN 1413 Spanish lV
*SPAN 2443 Interpreting Spanish to English
*SPAN 2453 Interpreting English to Spanish
and select one of the following:
*SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish l
*SPAN 2213 Intermediate Spanish ll
*SPAN 2523 Intermediate Spanish Grammar and Composition
and select one of the following:
*SPAN 2463 Courtroom Interpreting Skills Introduction
*SPAN 2473 Medical Interpreting Skills Introduction


Controlled Electives 3 hours
*SPAN 2121 Intermediate Spanish Communication
*SPAN 2143 Latin America Civilization and Culture
*SPAN 2421 Spanish Culture Comparisons
*SPAN 2533 Advanced Spanish Conversation
•SPAN 2661-3 Spanish Service Learning


Total Credit Hours: 21
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).


General education requirements can be found at: