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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description:
This program provides students with an overall understanding of multiple marketing elements. Students will have the opportunity to expand 
their understanding of customer service, professional sales, consumer behavior, and advertising. This program gives students the necessary
 skills to gain employment in a marketing position and to excel in this dynamic aspect of business.

Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement

For More Information Contact:
Business and Information Technology Division:
Southeast: (918) 595-7639

Computer Information Systems 3 hours
Select 3 credit hours from any Computer Information Systems
(CSCI/CSYS) courses.

English 3 hours
Select one course from the following:

*ENGL 1113 Composition I
*ENGL 2343 Business Communication I

Management 6 hours
MGMT 2123 Leadership Development
MGMT 2363 Principles of Management

Marketing 18 hours
MKTG 1313 Sales and Negotiations
*MKTG/CSYS 1393 Web Design & Marketing
MKTG 2343 Customer Service
*MKTG 2363 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 2393 Advertising and Promotional Management
MKTG 2423 Principles of Marketing

Total Credit Hours: 30
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).

General education requirements can be found at: