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Workforce Development Certification

Program Description:
This option is for phlebotomy trainees and professionals new to the medical laboratory technology field who need to rapidly acquire
phlebotomy (the drawing of blood) skills, as well as acquire a comprehensive overview of the key areas of the clinical laboratory to include
specimen processing.

The Phlebotomy Program is approved through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Graduates with a 
phlebotomy certificate may apply for the National Phlebotomy Registry examination through the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement


For More Information Contact:
Health Sciences at Southeast Campus:
(918) 595-8632 for program application form and any specific program information.


Procedures For Application:
1. Submit completed program application form to Health 
Sciences located at Southeast Campus, room 8263.

2. All prospective Medical Laboratory Technology Phlebotomy 
program students must complete an application for
 enrollment to the college.

3. Acceptance to Tulsa Community College does not 
guarantee admission into the Medical Laboratory Technology 
Phlebotomy program.

4. Eligible applicants to be interviewed for consideration for admission into the Medical Laboratory Technology
 Phlebotomy program will be notified by mail or phone.

5. In order to enroll in courses that include a clinical
 component and are part of the program degree plan, students
 must receive clearance on a criminal background check, 
including sex offender registry. Potential students need to 
be aware that drug testing and clearance is a requirement for 
participation in all clinical components.

Phlebotomy  7 hours
o+MDLT 1203 Phlebotomy
o+MDLT 1212 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology
o+MDLT 1222 Phlebotomy Clinical

Total Credit Hours: 7
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).
º Course must be completed with a “C” or better for admission to the Medical Laboratory Technician Program.
+ Course must be taken concurrently.


General education requirements can be found at: