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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description:
The Pharmacy Technician Program at Tulsa Community College prepares individuals to work under the supervision of registered pharmacists in providing a high level of modern pharmaceutical support in compounding pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, home health pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and clinics,. Their duties can include: prescription processing; transcribing doctor orders; IV admixtures; infusion therapeutics; assisting with anticoagulant medication dosage needs; customized medications; compounding gels; customized dosing; inventory activities; quality assurance and control; product prepackaging; narcotic distribution and record keeping; parenteral chemotherapy; delivery and stocking of operation rooms; tracking patient medications or lab results; charting; monitoring formulary compliance; customer service and relations; drug ordering and inventory; and third party processing.


Program Information:
The Pharmacy Technician Program admits a new class each full term beginning in August and January. Admission to the class is limited to 24 students. The Pharmacy Technician classes are offered in the evenings on the Metro Campus and will take 16 weeks to complete. The graduates of this one-term program will receive a Certificate of Achievement and will be eligible to take the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Individuals who have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, or who have a substance abuse problem, may not be eligible for licensure in the State of Oklahoma or as a candidate for national certification. If any of these circumstances exist, you may wish to contact the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision, P.O. Box 18256, Oklahoma City, OK 73154 and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, 2215 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20037-2985.


Application Instructions:
1.Applicant must go online and submit an application to Tulsa 
Community College at the College’s website, If 
you are, or have been enrolled at Tulsa Community College, no TCC
 application is needed. Also register with FASFA at
 Please notify the Enrollment Services Office if you have had a name,
 address, and/or telephone change since applying for admission.

2.Send official high school transcript or GED scores to the
 Enrollment Services office. High school seniors need to send
 a seventh (7th) semester transcript. Upon completion of high 
school, an official transcript needs to be sent with final grades and
 graduation date.

3.Send official college transcript(s) to the Enrollment Services office
 from each college attended.


4.First-time college students must meet with a counselor regarding 
new student orientation, appropriate college placement testing,
 and possible high school curricular deficiencies.


5.Send the completed Pharmacy Technology Program application
 for admission to the Allied Health Services Division by June 15 for
 the fall term and by November 15 for the spring term.


6.In order to enroll in courses that include a clinical component
 and are a part of the program degree plan, students must receive
 clearance on a criminal background check, including sex offender
 registry, or provide documentation of a security clearance from
 another state or country (international students).

Admission and Selection Criteria:
The Pharmacy Technician program admits a new class each full
 term beginning in August and January. Admission to the class
is limited to 24 students. The applicant must have a cumulative college grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, or if the applicant has 
no college GPA, then a minimum high school GPA or GED of 2.0 is 
required. Qualified applicants will be granted an interview with 
the Pharmacy Technician Program Director.


Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement


For More Information Contact:
Allied Health Services Division: Metro: (918) 595-7002


Certificate Requirements Credit Hours: 16


Pharmacy Technology 16 hours
o*PHMT 1318 Introduction to Pharmacy Technician I
o*PHMT 1414 Pharmacy Technician Practicum I
o *PHMT 1524 Preceptorship l


Total Credit Hours: 16
*Course has prerequisite (See course description section of catalog).
o Course must be completed with a “C” or above.


General education requirements can be found at: