Drop/Withdrawal From Classes

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It is the student’s responsibility to be sure unwanted courses are dropped by the scheduled deadline. Students may drop classes using the TCC Student Self Service Portal at: www.tulsacc.edu or in person by contacting any Enrollment Services Office. See Refund Policy for more information. A student who has been found responsible for academic dishonesty in a course may not drop or withdraw from the course. If the student processes a drop or withdrawal from the course, the action will be reversed and the appropriate grade will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Withdrawing From a Class After the Schedule Adjustment Period
The procedure for withdrawing from a class is as follows:
1. Obtain a withdrawal form in the Advisement Center at any TCC campus.
2. Print student identification number, name and course information on the form.
3. The Academic Advisement staff will check the form for accuracy and advise students with financial aid to talk with their Financial Aid counselor.
4. Student will sign the form and the Advisement Center will initial.
5. Student will take the form to Enrollment Services Office and will keep the student copy.
6. The deadline to withdraw shall not exceed three-fourths of the duration of any class. See the academic calendar for

Complete Withdrawal from the College
If a student needs to completely withdraw from the College, the following steps should be followed.
1. Student must appear personally at any College Advisement Center and request the form used in processing a complete withdrawal.
a. If circumstances prohibit a personal appearance, the student should send a letter to a campus Advisement Center and include his/her name, I.D. number, class(es) to be withdrawn, reason for withdrawal, and student signature.
b. The date of withdrawal by written correspondence will be the date the letter is received by the Advisement Center.
2. The student is expected to fulfill any outstanding financial obligations to the College. Any student receiving Federal Title IV Funds (Pell, SEOG, Loans) who completely withdraws from the College prior to the completion of 60% of a term will be required to return any federal aid received that was in excess of the aid “earned” for the time period the student was enrolled. See the “Financial Aid and Scholarships” section of this catalog on page 29 for more information.
3. Special Notes:
a. Requests for withdrawal cannot be accepted by telephone.
b. Notifying instructors of the intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal.
c. Withdrawal requests received after the deadline in the catalog will not be accepted and the official date of withdrawal in all cases is the date the request is received and approved in the Advisement Center.
4. The deadline to withdraw shall not exceed three-fourths of the duration of any class. See the academic calendar for withdrawal deadlines.