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Tulsa Community College recognizes the successful completion of program requirements by awarding an associate degree or a certificate of achievement. The associate degree is granted in programs requiring at least 60 academic credit hours and the certificate of achievement is granted in programs requiring less than 60 academic credit hours.

General Policies

  • Specific course requirements in a degree or certificate program must be completed.
  • To meet residency requirements, one-fourth of the total credit hour requirements must be earned at Tulsa Community College. Advanced standing credit, zero-level, correspondence, and/or extension courses may not be used toward the TCC resident credit-hour requirements.
  • A 2.0 overall grade point average is required to meet graduation requirements (see specific degree requirements for AA/AS degree and AAS degree). Effective January 1992, zero-level courses are not included in any GPA calculation. Physical education “activity” and any reprieved or repeated courses may not be utilized for credit toward the credit hour requirement of any program. Physical education lecture or theory courses may be used in completing the degree requirements for the PE majors only.
  • An additional associate degree may be granted by completing all the requirements for that degree with at least an additional 15 credit hours of course work in residence at Tulsa Community College.

Degree Plan Procedures
Students should request assistance from the Advisement Center in planning their programs of study, particularly if planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. Close, early coordination between TCC academic advisors and advisors from selected four-year institutions can streamline the transfer process.

Degree-seeking students should declare a major and follow the degree plan for the major listed in the catalog in effect at the time of entry or re-entry. The degree requirements remain in effect while a student is continuously enrolled. When a student does not enroll for two (2) consecutive semesters (excludes summer), the student must file a degree plan specified by the current academic year catalog. Students who wish to change their major should meet with an advisor. Any substitution of course requirements listed for the associate degree should be requested through the Advisement Center.

Graduation Candidacy Procedure
Students seeking a certificate or a degree should prepare for graduation as follows:

  • Final official transcripts from all schools attended must be on file at TCC before an official degree plan can be prepared.
  • Students are expected to have an official degree plan filed in the Advisement Center prior to declaring for graduation.
  • A final graduation check should be made in the Advisement Center at the time of enrollment for the last term of attendance.
  • Students admitted to the Honors Scholar program should also complete a graduation check in the Honors Office at the beginning of their final fall or spring term.
  • The Advisement Center will advise and refer the student to declare for graduation in the Enrollment Services Office.
  • All declared candidates will be contacted by the Enrollment Services Office and the College graduation marshal with information about the graduation.
  • Once grades are recorded for the final term of enrollment, a final review will take place and students will be contacted as to their status.
  • Degree notes are recorded on the graduate’s TCC transcript, and diplomas and certificates of completion are issued by the Enrollment Services Office.

Formal graduation will be scheduled at the end of the spring semester of each academic year.

Degrees awarded to students planning to continue to a bachelor’s degree program are the Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science. The degree awarded to a student completing a workforce development program is the Associate in Applied Science.

I. Associate in Arts/Science

  • A. Required Point Average: Students recommended for the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees must achieve a grade point average of 2.0 as a minimum on all course work attempted (a minimum of 60 hours) excluding any courses repeated or reprieved as detailed in the State Regents’ Grading Policy and excluding physical education activity courses.
  • B. General Education Core Courses: A total of 37 credit hours of General Education courses, as listed in the General Education Goals and Requirements, are required for each Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree and include the following core courses. Requirements may vary depending on the student’s major.


1. Communication: A minimum of nine credit hours that must include ENGL 1113, ENGL 1213, and SPCH 1113.
2. U.S. History and U.S. Government: A minimum of six credit hours that must include HIST 1483 or 1493 and POLS1113.
3. Science: A minimum of seven credit hours. At least one course must be a laboratory science.
4. Humanities: A minimum of six credit hours chosen from courses designated as Humanities.
5. Mathematics: A minimum of three credit hours.
6. Required Electives: One three-hour course from one of the following disciplines: psychology, social sciences, foreign language, fine arts (music, art, theatre).
7. Additional liberal arts and sciences courses needed to meet the minimum total of 37 credits.

C. The remaining minimum of 23 semester credit hours of academic work shall be applicable to the student’s major objective, including any prerequisite courses necessary for his/her anticipated upper-division program. A majority of such student credit hours should be taken in courses classified as liberal arts and sciences. Requirements are listed in specific degree patterns.
D. As required by State Regents policy, to receive an A.A. or A.S. degree from TCC, students must demonstrate computer proficiency, including a basic knowledge of operating systems, word processing, and the ethical use of Internet research capabilities. See Computer Proficiency Requirements.

II. Associate in Applied Science
To earn the Associate in Applied Science degree students must achieve a minimum 2.0 (“C”) grade point average on a minimum of 60 credit hours of course work listed in the curriculum pattern for the degree (excludes P.E. activity course)

III. Certificate of Achievement
To earn a Certificate of Achievement in a specific field of study, students must achieve a minimum 2.0 (“C”) grade point average on the courses listed in the curriculum pattern for the certificate.