The Mentor*Read program provides Jackson Elementary School students with an opportunity to better develop the foundation necessary for scholarly success: reading. Additionally, TCC students, faculty and staff who choose to volunteer as mentors will gain valuable life skills and a sense of satisfaction in bettering the Tulsa community.

The Mentor*Read program further supports the mission of the Office of Engaged Student Programming to promote student development through College-sponsored outreach programs that mutually benefit the student, the College and the community.

 What is Mentor*Read?

The Mentor*Read program pairs Tulsa Community College students, faculty and staff with readers at Jackson Elementary School for weekly, one-on-one reading time. For about an hour a week, mentors will gather at Jackson Elementary School to spend time with their mentees, dedicating the majority of each visit to reading together. As Jackson Elementary School students benefit from time spent reading with their mentors, mentors will serve as role models by maintaining a consistent presence in the life of the mentee. Through improved reading, mentees will have a better chance to stay caught up in school and graduate with a high school diploma.

What are we looking for in a mentor?

 Dependability – Mentors must understand the importance of consistency in mentoring.

 Friendliness – Mentors should feel comfortable with middle-school age students.

 Engages in active learning – Mentors should understand what it means to take an active role in their own education, though they do not necessarily need to be an “A” student.

Cooperativeness – Mentors work as part of a team and strive to achieve group, as well as individual, goals.

Mentors should enjoy reading books.

Mentors should be: approachable, a good listener, enthusiastic, respectful, tactful, and patient.

Mentors with an interest in education, experience teaching, tutoring or working with children from Jackson Elementary School are encouraged to apply.

To apply as a Mentor*Read tutor, please click here