Julie Luscomb

Associate Professor Information Technology - School of Business and Information Technology

Contact Information

(918) 595-7758
Southeast Campus Room 4222

Early career experience included working as a Division Order Analyst for Standard Oil of Indiana. Programming experience was gained through working as a contract programmer for various National Guard training facilities, Air Products, and other NE Oklahoma businesses

Teaching experience includes over 20 years in higher education.

Courses Taught


  • HTML and CSS (Currently using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript)
  • Intro to Computer Programming (Languages used over the years has varied and includes C, VB, VBA, and Python.)
  • Web Design and Marketing (Joomla!)
  • Electronic Commerce (WordPress)
  • Social Media


  • Info Tech Capstone/Internship
  • Advanced HTML Technologies (JavaScript, CSS Sprites, AJAX, PHP/MySQL, XML, jQuery, HTML email…)
  • Computer Concepts and Applications (Traditional and Honors sections)
  • C Programming
  • Visual Basic


A.A.S., B.A., and M.A.
Currently working on a master's degree certificate in business data mining              

Research Interests

Human-computer interaction, data mining, effective teaching methods           

Publications & Presentations

Presentations and Workshops
Luscomb, J., "Screencasting", Tech Tuesday at SE Campus, 1/26/2016.

Luscomb, J., "Screen Capture Made Easy", TCC Stayonference, 10/9/2015.

CELT Peer Observation Workshop - Training for Faculty, TCC Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), 9/25/15 NEC, 1/20/2016 NEC, 2/12/2016 Central, 4/1/2016 SEC.

Carlson, R. & J. Luscomb, "Boost Student Performance: Teach Metacognition!", TCC Sandals Summer Institute – CELT, 6/20/2015.

Luscomb, J., "Screencasting", TCC CELT March Workshop, 3/13/ 2015.

Luscomb, J., "WordPress for the Classroom", Stayonference, 10/24/2014.

CELT Peer Observation Training for Faculty, TCC Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, 9/12/14 & 9/19/14.

Minor, D. & J. Luscomb, "Motivation: What Really Works!", TCC Sandals Summer Institute – CELT, 6/21/2014.

Luscomb, J., "WordPress for the Classroom", Webuary Workshop, TCC, 3/26/2014.

Luscomb, J., "Free, Online Textbooks", TCC Stayonference, 10/11/2013.

Luscomb, J., "Open Source & Online Books in a Web Design & Marketing Course", Poster Session, Textbook Evolution Conference, Tulsa, 3/5/2010.

Moss, Dr. P., e. Dawson, E. Bowen, and J. Luscomb, Moderated Forum: "Internet & Digital Options", Textbook Evolution Conference, Tulsa, 3/5/2010.

Luscomb, J., "Career exploration of Web Site Development", Union Collegiate Academy, Fall 2009.

Luscomb, J., Creating a Screenbook Tutorial, Oklahoma Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference, NSU, April 10-11, 2008.

Luscomb, J., “Promoting Global Awareness and Critical Thinking in Computer-based Applications Courses”, Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges Conference, 2001.

Worley, J. and J. Luscomb, “Assessment of Effective Communication in CIS Curriculum”, A TCC Learning From Within Workshop, 8/15/2001.


Luscomb, J., Web Design and Marketing course lectures (100+ pages plus PowerPoints) provided to students in lieu of purchased textbook, Fall 2004 to present.

Luscomb, J., "Free, Online Textbooks", Celebrate Learning, CELT at TCC, Spring 2013.

Legleiter, R. and J. Luscomb, Curriculum Plan for Two Degrees in Two Years – Information Technology - Web Site Management and Marketing - E-Business, Fall 2009, updated Fall 2015.

Luscomb, J., “’Fun Projects’: Generating Interest in a Diverse Classroom”, NISOD Innovation Abstracts, 2001/2002 Series, Volume XXIV, Number 7, , reprinted 2007/2008 Series, Volume XXIV, Number 27.

Luscomb, J., Course Web Sites, creation and maintenance of a course Web site for each class taught on campus, August 1997 to May 2001.

Hammer, A. and J. Luscomb, “International Business Projects”, a set of Web pages with projects that internationalize TCC courses utilizing Microsoft Office software. The Web pages were created as a resource for adjunct faculty and came about through project ideas developed during the TCC International Business Curriculum Development Institute, 5/9/2000.

Gajan, F. and J. Luscomb, “Planning for the Future”, a four-year curriculum proposal for Rogers State University’s Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Technology, January 1999.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Past PBL Faculty Advisor
American Mensa


  • Best of TCC Alumni Achievement Award, 5/18/2010.
  • 2009 NISOD Excellence Award for teaching, (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development), 6/16/2009.
  • TCC Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence, August 2008.
  • “GIFT - Great Ideas for Teaching – 2001”, award for presentations of innovative teaching ideas, Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges Conference, 2001.
  • “Microsoft Instructional Grant”, J. Luscomb and S. Thompson, TCC, two-year software grant valued by Microsoft at $42,100. Grant was based upon review of curriculum and creation of course-related Web site, awarded July 2000, (Grant #10109).
  • “Instructional Lab License Award”, J. Luscomb, RSU, award of 50 Visual Studio 6.0, Professional edition licenses; equivalent value of academically priced software was approximately $6,500.00, April 1999.
  • “Microsoft Instructional Grant - Upgrade”, T. Luscomb and J. Luscomb, RSU, approval for upgrade of grant #98072 to include Visual C++ licenses with two year upgrade privileges valued by Microsoft at $22,450.00 [total $89,800.00 in software licenses for this grant], January 1998, (Grant #98072).
  • “Microsoft Instructional Grant”, T. Luscomb and J. Luscomb, RSU, a software grant providing Microsoft Office, Windows, and Visual Basic licenses with full upgrade privileges for two years valued by Microsoft at $67,350.00. Grant was based upon review of curriculum and creation of course-related Web site, awarded August 1997, (Grant #98072).
  • “Pfizer Excellence in Teaching Award”, Rogers State University presented by the RSU Foundation, Fall 1997.
  • Community Involvement

  • The Oklahoma Swing Syndicate - TOSS (non-profit), Secretary, Toss is a UNESCO Council of International Dance Organization which is recognized for preserving historic swing dances of the 20’s – 40’s, August 16, 2015 – Present.
  • Chess Adventure - Summer Scholastic Chess Camp, founder, July 2006. Established as a not-for-profit summer 2007.
  • President: Summer 2007 – Fall 2009, Fall 2010-2013.
  • Secretary: Fall 2009 – Fall 2010
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