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The admission criteria set forth at Tulsa Community College are the minimum standards established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Although they provide for “open door” admission to the College, certain programs require additional standards to be met before a student is admitted. Selected workforce development programs require that a separate program application for admission be submitted prior to entry into specific courses.

The policies and procedures of Tulsa Community College have been formulated and adopted to assure the student of comprehensive services by the institution. They are designed to assure the institution of complete recognition and services from accrediting agencies, other institutions of higher education, employers, and funding agencies. We believe student success is enhanced with assessment of basic skills, orientation to college, and placement in courses that will meet the individual’s needs. Details on the assessment/orientation/placement policies for Tulsa Community College are available in the fall, spring, and summer class schedules and in our catalog.

Qualifications for Admissions

The Oklahoma State Regents for High Education require students to document their prior education within completion of the first nine credit hours of college coursework. As a result, although students may enroll for their first semester at TCC without presenting their credentials (ex: high school transcript or transcripts from other colleges attended), students must submit the required records prior to re-enrollment to avoid an enrollment “hold.” For questions, visit any TCC Enrollment Services Office.

The Oklahoma State Regents require students to clear all curricular and/or academic performance deficiencies within their first 24 credit hours of college coursework. Students who have not removed all deficiencies or demonstrated appropriate proficiencies at the time will have a “hold” placed on enrollment and must work with a TCC enrollment advisor, who will enroll the student in appropriate courses to clear all remaining curricular and/or academic performances deficiencies. For questions, visit any TCC Academic Advisement Center. Students may qualify for admission to Tulsa Community College in a variety of ways. See our catalog for the types of admissions.