Regular Course Audit

The student must complete the “Audit Contract” for each class being audited. The student and appropriate instructor must sign the form and the request to audit must be completed prior to the close of the withdrawal period for the specific class. A student may revert from audit to credit only during the schedule adjustment period for the specific course. The auditing student must adhere to the instructor’s class attendance and participation requirements. A student not adhering to the instructor’s requirements may be withdrawn by the instructor for non-attendance. A grade of AU (audit) does not count in hours attempted or earned. Audited courses will not apply toward graduation requirements, or for financial aid or veteran’s benefits.

Audit for Oklahoma Residents Who Are Age 65 or Older and Desire a Tuition Waiver

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education approved a policy authorizing institutions of the State System to waive the fees for Oklahoma residents who are sixty-five (65) years of age, or older, for auditing of academic courses - contingent upon space being available in the classrooms and laboratories housing such courses. Information relative to this program is as follows:

A.  Enrollment is open on a space-available basis on the date the class begins. People will be allowed to enroll at TCC under this plan only after the regular enrollment period preceding each semester and at times designated by the College. Enrollment is allowed only if the normal class limit has not been met. No class overloads will be allowed. Students must meet any proficiency requirements or prerequisites prior to enrollment.

B.  Students must meet Oklahoma residency requirements as defined by the Oklahoma State Regents, be age sixty- five (65) or older, and must verify both residency and age (i.e., by presenting a valid birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.).

C.  A maximum of seven (7) semester credit hours per regular semester and four (4) semester credit hours in a summer term is allowed under this policy. If a student wishes to enroll in more than the maximum credit hours allowed, he/she must pay the regular fees for hours beyond the maximum.

D.  Since audit is mandatory under the fee waiver, the Director of Enrollment Services signature will authorize the audit status in lieu of other College officials.