Course Withdrawals


  • A "W" or "Withdrawal" grade will be awarded on student's transcript for the courses from which the student withdraws.
  • The "W" grade will not affect student's GPA.
  • The Student may have financial aid repercussions for unsatisfactory academic progress and become ineligible for financial aid in the following semester


  • Withdrawal deadlines for regular semester courses (16 week) or eight-week courses are published in the academic calendar, found in the TCC Catalog.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to visit with any Enrollment Services Office regarding the deadlines for shorter courses. 


  • Students who withdraw from any or all courses may be required to have a recalculation of Federal Student Aid as of the date of withdrawal.  As a result of the recalculation, the student may owe money to TCC.
  • Students who withdraw from one or more courses may affect their satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and may become ineligible to receive financial aid.
  • Students who receive scholarships, veteran's benefits, loans, grants, or Tulsa Achieves are required to meet with a Financial Aid representative for advisement before withdrawing.


On Campus Student Process:

  • Notify and discuss withdrawal with instructor.
  • Complete and sign Request for Withdrawal form. Forms are available in any TCC Advisement Office.
  • Submit completed Request for Withdrawal Form to any TCC Advisement Office.

**Students are strongly encouraged to complete the withdrawal process in person, however, if circumstances arise where the student is unable to come to campus, follow the Distance Learning Student Process below.**

Distance Learning Student Process
The withdrawal process has changed in recent semesters due to changes in financial aid requirements. It is understandable that it is not always convenient or possible to come into campus to withdraw, but due to some of these changes, it is highly recommended that you come in to any advisement office to discuss the process and how it might affect you. 

If it is not possible to come to a campus, you may download the withdraw form. Read through the instruction sheet carefully, then fill out the first page of the withdraw form completely. Fax both front and back pages of the form to any TCC advisement office. Fax numbers are listed on the form. 


Make sure to initial where appropriate and sign and date under the “Student Responsibility" section. Also, remember to include a clear and legible copy of an official photo ID such as a Driver's License or TCC Student ID with your fax. 


If you receive financial aid and are enrolled in classes that have not started yet, make sure to sign and date under the "Affidavit of Enrollment" section. 


NOTE: TCC will not process withdrawals that are not requested on the TCC Withdrawal form. A legible copy of a valid government issued ID must be included.

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