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MDTR 2305 – Medical Transcription I
A course designed to provide the skills to produce accurate medical reports or other medical documents from dictated and written material using a medical specialty approach. A brief overview of the profession; HIPAA, privacy, and security of protected health information; and the ethical/legal responsibilities in medical transcription will be discussed. The software, hardware, current techniques, voice recognition technology, and templates used in performing medical transcription will be reviewed. Transcription, proofreading, and editing of dictated medical reports, letters, and other medical documents will be completed. Correct spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, grammar, use of reference materials, and other resources will be stressed. Prerequisites: BUSN 1123 and CSCI 1203 or approval of program director.

MDTR 2315 – Medical Transcription II
This course is a continuation of Medical Transcription I, using the medical specialty approach. Current articles and reference information on medications, diagnostic procedures, operations, new medical technology, sound-a-likes, look-a-likes, eponyms, and new medical terms will be addressed. Emphasis will be on skill building with accents, current techniques, voice recognition technology, proofreading, and editing skills. Accuracy and productivity will be stressed. Prerequisites: Completion of all courses in the medical transcription certificate program, with the exception of the externship course, or program director approval.

MDTR 2436 – Medical Transcription Externship
Supervised practical experience without remuneration (pay) for 40 hours per week for four weeks (160 hours) in a medical transcription department of a hospital, a physician’s office, or a medical transcription service. Includes review for the Registered Medical transcriptionist exam. This is a four-week course. Prerequisites: Successful completion of all medical transcription certificate course requirements and program director approval.

The time required for laboratory may vary by course.
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