Study Abroad (1-2 weeks)


Our Spring/ Summer Short-Term Programs for 2015 are available for your exploration.  To view where you and your fellow students may be heading next summer, click on the destinations on the left to see what trips are in store for you for the 2015 Spring/ Summer Short-Term Program season.

FYI - The benefits of participating in a study abroad trip include the following: the opportunity to learn more about your own culture from a different perspective and develop a firsthand understanding of other cultures, people and places; form friendships that will last a lifetime; increase self-confidence and to demonstrate to prospective employers that you are internationally aware - it looks great on a resume.
One-two weeks not enough?  Please consider longer term study abroad trips.  These study abroad experiences are typically 1-2 semesters.  Click HERE to see our 1-2 semester program locations.


General notes:

  • Cost of the short-term programs (8-17 days) ranges from $1,700-3,300 per person.
  • TCC tuition is in addition to the program cost.

  • Early deposits are required. Non-refundable restrictions and cancelation penalties may apply.
  • Trips are small group based, usually 8-20 participants.
  • Students should check with the Financial Aid office to determine if they qualify for financial aid.