Honors Deadlines

Honors Scholar Program
There is no deadline for applying to the Honors Scholar program; applications are accepted year-round. (However, be aware that notification of acceptance into the program may be delayed if applications are received during academic breaks or during the summer semester.)

Service Learning Project Deadline
If an Honors Scholar chooses to pursue the service learning option, he or she must sign a contract with a campus honors coordinator at the beginning of the semester in which the service will take place. The service project and all paperwork must be completed, and the reflective essay and journal must be turned in to the Honors Office, no later than the beginning of finals week of the semester in which the Scholar plans to graduate.  The steps of the process are detailed in the Honors Handbook.  For more information, see the Handbook or call the Metro Campus Honors Office at 918-595-7378.

Exit Essay Deadlines
In each Honors Scholar's final spring or fall semester at Tulsa Community College, he or she must submit an exit essay evaluating the Honors Scholar experience at TCC. Essay deadlines are March 1 for spring or summer graduates, and October 15 for fall graduates.

All graduating Honors Scholars should also carefully read and follow the Program's graduation checklist.

Honors Scholar Tuition Waiver
For priority consideration, apply for the TCC Honors Scholar program no later than April 30 to receive a waiver the following academic year. After April 30, applications will continue to be accepted and will be considered if funds remain available.

Academic Scholars Scholarship
Applicants for the Academic Scholars scholarship must apply during the spring semester of the senior year in high school (or early summer following it, before the deadline published on the applications form). Two separate applications are required: one for admission to the TCC Honors Scholar program, and one specifically for the Academic Scholars scholarship. Both applications must be received no later than the deadline given on the current Academic Scholars application form.

Other scholarship application deadlines vary! Check with the Student Financial Aid office on any campus to learn the deadlines for specific scholarships.

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