Honors Staff

The Honors staff is here to serve you. Visit the Honors Office for a chat anytime (TCC Metro Campus MC 523C) and we'll tell you more about the Honors Scholar program, find answers for your questions, help you explore Honors course offerings, etc.

Or give a call (TCC Metro Campus: 918-595-7378; TCC Northeast Campus: 918-595-7490; TCC Southeast Campus: 918-595-7633; TCC West Campus: 918-595-8086) or send an email to one of us (below).

Tulsa Community College Honors Coordinators:
Susan O'Neal, TCC Metro Campus, MC523C
Jennifer Kneafsey, TCC Northeast Campus, NE2106
Dr. Jane Varmecky, TCC Southeast Campus, SE7118
Anne Phillips, TCC West Campus, WCL108

Honors Specialist:
Lynn Richmond, MC 523C (on TCC Metro Campus) 

Honors Ambassadors (student staff): Erick Langford and Joshua Navarro, Northeast Campus (ET 100); Samira Darbandi, Southeast Campus.

You may also contact the Honors Office at the following address, fax, or phone number:
Honors Office, Tulsa Community College
909 S. Boston Ave., MC 523C
Tulsa, OK  74119-2095
fax: 918-595-8378
phone: 918-595-7378

In the Counseling Offices on all campuses, there are academic advisors designated as Honors Advisors.