Honors Scholar Benefits

TCC Honors Scholars may transfer into honors programs at many four-year colleges and universities, including the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and Northeastern State University. Many universities, both in Oklahoma and out of state, report that they are more likely to offer admission to those who have achieved the Honors Scholar designation.

TCC Honors Scholars may apply to become presenters at national and regional honors conferences--a great way to strengthen analytical and presentational skills, make important contacts, be exposed to the ideas and accomplishments of students elsewhere in the nation, add an impressive credential to a resume, and represent TCC on a regional or national level.

TCC graduates who successfully complete the Honors Scholar program receive official designation on their transcripts and wear engraved medallions at commencement.

Most TCC Honors Scholars are eligible to apply for the TCC Honors Scholar State Regents Tuition Waiver Scholarship, which waives tuition for up to 18 credit hours per fall or spring semester. Additionally, Honors Scholars may be eligible to apply for other scholarships based solely on merit, including the Oklahoma State Regents' Academic Scholars Scholarship. Academic Scholars receive scholarships which are worth $1,800 per year at Tulsa Community College and are portable to other Oklahoma colleges and universities (public or private). Academic Scholars can receive up to eight semesters of financial support--up to $2,800 per year at some transfer institutions! There are some eligibility requirements for these scholarships. Call 918-595-7378 for details.

At some four-year schools, TCC Honors Scholars are eligible for special transfer scholarships, such as The University of Tulsa's Honors Scholar Transfer Scholarship and Rogers State University's Honors Transfer Scholarship.

Each year, outstanding Honors Scholars are selected by the TCC Honors faculty to receive TCC Foundation Honors Awards. Foundation Honors Awards are cash awards given by the TCC Foundation to recognize and reward superior achievement. Students may not apply for these awards; recipients are nominated by the Honors faculty from among the list of current Honors Scholars.

Participants in the TCC Honors Program enjoy the stimulation that comes from direct involvement in the learning process. Small classes, outstanding faculty, and opportunities to explore topics in greater depth are hallmarks of the TCC honors experience. Central to each honors class is an atmosphere of teaching and learning in a spirit of discovery and camaraderie.

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