This form is completed by the instructor, student, and site supervisor before the student begins a service learning experience. In addition, the form also outlines the responsibilities of the student, faculty member, and community site. Contact information and instructions for submitting the form are included with the form.

This form establishes an on-going relationship between Tulsa Community College and organizations wishing to provide continuous service learning experiences for students. Instructions for submitting the form are included.

The instructor provides the service-learning  project goals on the form that is given to each student who participates in an individual service-learning project. The project and site must be pre-approved by the instructor. Each student  obtains a signature from the approved community site supervisor prior to starting the project.  The signed form is returned to the instructor.   After completion of the project, the instructor sends the form to the Engaged Student Programming office, Northeast Campus, Room 2220.

This form must be completed by each service-learning student or other individual whose image is recorded or who is quoted by Tulsa Community College.